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Basic Legwork

8 Point Blocks

Front Punches

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Unlimited Group Classes 
(3) 45 min sessions per week

Join other kids at their age & skill level to learn the fundamentals and techniques with rewarding cardio exercise.

Unlimited Personal Training 
(4) 30 min sessions per week

Get personal attention & specific instruction with Master Deric Terrell on White & Yellow Belt training

All Classes Taught By:

Sensei Michelle

With over 8 years in the Martial Arts, Sensei Michelle is a 1st Degree blackbelt with an exceptional talent in child development and women self defense. Michelle loves working with kids alongside her husband, Master T.

Master Deric Terrell

Starting on the East Coast, I studied the art of Shaolin Ch’uan Fa (Kempo Karate) as a child in 1985. Almost five years laterI was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt & I knew that Martial Arts was more than just a hobby.

Your Child Will Learn LIFELONG Skills in the Martial Arts

Focus & Self-Control

Front Punches 

First Level Kicks

Listening the First Time

Following Directions

8 Point Blocks

Defend against Bullies

All Things Are Possible!

Meet The USSD Dojo Family

"I've got 3 kids with Master Terrell and Sensei Michelle. This is the by far best karate school in north county."

Owen Hemsath

"The focus here is not only Karate, but how you can become a better person while learning self defense."

Gherlyn Conejos

" When we enrolled our 5 year old son we were immediately impressed with the care that he shows to each student"

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