our programs

(AGES 4 TO 8)

Primary Focus: Character Development & Safety
4 L’s of Focus
Look: eye contact
Listen: Listening the first time / follow directions
Learn: smart and educated children
Leader: Learn leadership skills

Children receive unlimited group classes and a 1/2 hr personal lesson each week. Personal lessons are with a partner(s) to ensure they are properly educated in the USSD martial arts program and character development.

Parents, do you feel like your child is just not ready for organized sports?
USSD helps children become successful with self control, following directions listening skills, coordination and focus.

ONE Month trial (scroll down for more info)
Only $49.00 Your child will receive full benefits from our program and be taught our full curriculum just as a new White Belt would be taught.


4 to 8 yrs

Monday: 5:30-6:15pm

Wednesday: 5:30-6:15pm

Saturday: (Open Class)


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