USSD FIT: How to Feast without Gaining Fat- Metabolism Myths from a Master

December 7, 2017 by Stefanie Alberts
Written with Master Deric Terrell
Have you ended your summer with your ‘winter body’ ready? Does the thought of delicious holiday fare fill you with fear? Has your mental bargaining convinced you to wait to resolve your weight loss goals until the New Year?
The truth is that when people put off their plans to eat ‘healthy’ until after the holidays, they actually begin their New Year with an extra 10 to 15 lb. weight gain to add to their goals!
Here are three Metabolism Myths from a Master plus ways to enjoy your holiday meals without putting on the pounds

1. MYTH: “I am older so my metabolism is slower”
TRUTH: Our metabolism does not slow down, we do! 
As we age, we become less active.  As a result, our bodies are not utilizing the calories we consume for energy, therefore, it gets stored as fat. Lean muscle also depletes, causing a reduction in your body’s ability to burn calories.
HOLIDAY HELP: Keep active!
If you already have an established exercise plan, don’t use the holidays as an excuse to slow down! You may have to adjust your schedule a bit; getting up earlier for the month, scheduling a class that you can’t miss, etc. but keep moving.  If you don’t have an exercise plan, get started by walking.  Most malls have a ‘Walking Path’ with the distance you traveled along the way. Plan your holiday shopping around that path or once done, take an additional half an hour to complete one circuit.  Also, we all know that walking instead of laying down after a big meal is not only good for metabolism, but digestion as well. Make an after dinner walk with the family part of your holiday tradition!
Martial Arts Fitness Fact: A person can burn 390 – 955 calories during 30 mins of Martial Arts.

2. MYTH: “I will skip meals, save my calories for dinner and maintain my metabolism”
TRUTH: Eating less to ‘save calories’ throughout the day depletes lean muscle.
If you think you can save your allotted calorie intake for the big holiday dinner, you’re wrong! When we don’t eat throughout the day, there is no ‘fuel’ to build lean muscle and it begins to deplete. It does not ‘wait’ until dinner time. The loss of lean muscle reduces the amount of calories your body burns.  Calories distributed throughout the day will help you lose more weight than not eating and saving it for dinner feasting.
Holiday Help: Eat more!
It is important to note that despite the excitement you may have felt reading the above; it does not translate into ‘eat more cookies!” Eating more frequently with the right food choices throughout the day will help build and sustain lean muscle.  Lean muscle is what maintains good metabolism. Also, eating small meals and snacks will keep you satisfied and tame the temptation to overdo it at dinner.  Starvation and eating less will only be a temporary fix; in the long run you will be doing more harm than good.
Martial Arts Fitness Fact: Martial Arts builds lean muscle in the torso, arms & legs.

3. MYTH: Some People Have Better Metabolism than Others
TRUTH: Though everyone’s metabolism can ‘vary’, some individuals are not ‘naturally’ better than others
This is a ‘myth’ that has sparked many a ‘weighted’ debate. However, before you feel the need to wave a finger at ‘the lucky ones’, find out what their lifestyle is like.  Do they have an active job or one that is sedentary? Do they eat out frequently?  Do they eat often? Do they have healthy lifestyle habits? Also, if there are hormonal or other ‘issues’ that may affect your body’s ability to metabolize food, check with your physician and come up with a plan that will work best for you.  You are not ‘resigned’ to ‘slower metabolism’ than others; you can change it!
HOLIDAY HELP: Remember the 80/20 Rule!
If you are unclear of any ‘challenges’ your body may have to metabolize food before the holidays, remember the