Martial Arts / Karate is more than kicking and punching for kids

Most kids want to be like the Ninja Turtles and want mimic them. However parents want just the opposite. Kids want to do the cool kicks, punches and weapons that the Turtles use, parents want just the opposite.
When I was little I wanted to be like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris and I mimicked Kung-Fu theater on Saturday afternoons. I wanted to be able to do all the cool and amazing things I saw on T.V.
Parents today don't want to bring their children to a karate school that just "shows" them how to kick and punch things, run around for 45 minutes to an hour just to get some energy out. Parents want to be confident that their children will be learning helpful skills to improve their focus, listening skills, following directions, self confidence and over all discipline. Not to mention great character building skills.
When attending a "well rounded" martial arts dojo your child will be learning those amazing skills as well as, yes, the kicking, blocking and punching skills. When your child is trained in the proper manner these skills are meant to build up coordination, confidence, balance, memorization, concentration and over all discipline. So, should the children have fun at their karate/martial arts school? Yes, of course. Focus and fun go hand in hand.

Master Terrell
United Studios of Self Defense