Just Tasers and Pepper Spray? NO WAY!

Just Tasers and Pepper Spray? NO WAY! The Facts on ‘False Sense of Security’ Self-Defense Devices At a recent conference designed to educate professionals on personal safety, I witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon; Pepper Spray (Mace) and Tasers sold out in minutes. You could get a mini Taser designed as a lipstick, humorously called the ‘Zapstick’, a smart cell phone stun gun, and less I forget, ‘Pretty in Pink’ pepper spray. They even threw in manly ‘looks like a flashlight and screw driver’ for good measure. “I don’t need to know how to defend myself, I have a Taser!” or “I bought my daughter Pepper Spray, she’ll be safe at college” are statements I have heard more than I care to repeat throughout my career as a self-defense Instructor.