Martial Arts at United Studios of Self Defense for children are focused on self discipline and self control. These areas of training can enhance and often greatly improve a child’s problem areas such as ability to focus, attention span, concentration, communication skills and socialization. A child with autism responds best to a highly structured specialized educational program tailored to his or her individual needs. USSD’s program can specifically target the areas of concern. When working with a child on on one each week, the martial arts will enhance a child’s specific needs for their own personal development. Our martial arts program trains the student in motor coordination and body movements which is exactly what helps autistic children, teens and adults as well. Martial arts can connect the mind and body together more strongly. Persons with autism are in need of physical therapy and exercise to improve their range of motion and control over their movements. USSD also uses stretching to improve range of motion, flexibility and repetitive drills to teach the student to control their body as well as to strengthen them. Martial arts teach discipline to its students which people with autism in particular, benefit from. They become much more self confident and self aware because of the benefits of our program.
Children involved in martial arts can experience significant improvements in language, social communication and congnition as well as less hyperactivity, temper tantrums and longer attention spans.