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USSD FIT: How to Feast without Gaining Fat- Metabolism Myths from a Master

December 7, 2017 by Stefanie Alberts Written with Master Deric Terrell Have you ended your summer with your ‘winter body’ ready? Does the thought of delicious holiday fare fill you with fear? Has your mental bargaining convinced you to wait to resolve your weight loss goals until the New Year? The truth is that when people put off their plans to eat ‘healthy’ until after the holidays, they actually begin their New Year with an extra 10 to 15 lb. weight gain to add to their goals! Here are three Metabolism Myths from a Master plus ways to enjoy your holiday meals without putting on the pounds 1. MYTH: “I am older so my metabolism is slower” TRUTH: Our metabolism does not slow down, we do!  As we age, we become less active.  As a result,...

What this Parent said about United Studios of Self Defense

You have to see what this Parent had to say about United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) in Oceanside. Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser.

Martial Arts / Karate is more than kicking and punching for kids

Most kids want to be like the Ninja Turtles and want mimic them. However parents want just the opposite. Kids want to do the cool kicks, punches and weapons that the Turtles use, parents want just the opposite. When I was little I wanted to be like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris and I mimicked Kung-Fu theater on Saturday afternoons. I wanted to be able to do all the cool and amazing things I saw on T.V. Parents today don't want to bring their children to a karate school that just "shows" them how to kick and punch things, run around for 45 minutes to an hour just to get some energy out. Parents want to be confident that their children will be learning helpful skills to improve their focus, listening skills, following directions, sel...

Kickin’ it Up a Notch: How to Maximize the Value of the Martial Arts Advantage for your Child

Martial Arts may be synonymous with words like kicking and punching, but it’s also so much more. Good schools also teach discipline, focus, self-confidence and respect.  As a result, more and more parents are enrolling their children into local karate, jiu jitsu, and taekwondo programs hoping it will help give them the education and edge they need for the new school year.  But, whether it is aikido, wing chun, MMA or any of the other art forms that seem to be cropping up across the country, how do you know if the program you picked is working for you?  Let’s look at some helpful hints and fundamental factors needed for you to choose the right school! Visit the school in person If you are looking for a local martial arts school, you won’t...

Earning uniforms

Uniforms are earned never given Visit our studio today for your complementary lesson. 4170 Oceanside Blvd.# 181 Call or text 760-630-8116

The USSD Experience

United Studios of Self Defense teaches children how to achieve and succeed! Come visit our location to experience your complimentary lesson today. 760-630-8116 (call or text) 4170 Oceanside Blvd. #181 Oceanside, CA 92056

Know your law.

In self defense, could this taser be used against you? Tasers, though not considered "firearms" may not be legal to carry in your state. Don't bring one to a state public building. Are you ready to "draw" to defend yourself? How fast are you?


PIcking the right Martial Arts school

Picking the right #martialarts school? TIP #1 Visit the school in person. Stop in while running errands. A quick visit can tell you a lot.

Just Tasers and Pepper Spray? NO WAY!

Just Tasers and Pepper Spray? NO WAY! The Facts on ‘False Sense of Security’ Self-Defense Devices At a recent conference designed to educate professionals on personal safety, I witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon; Pepper Spray (Mace) and Tasers sold out in minutes. You could get a mini Taser designed as a lipstick, humorously called the ‘Zapstick’, a smart cell phone stun gun, and less I forget, ‘Pretty in Pink’ pepper spray. They even threw in manly ‘looks like a flashlight and screw driver’ for good measure. “I don’t need to know how to defend myself, I have a Taser!” or “I bought my daughter Pepper Spray, she’ll be safe at college” are statements I...

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