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A dojo with 25 Years
of service and

United Studios of Self Defense Oceanside opened in 1991 and has been operating out of the Rancho Del Oro Albertson’s Center ever since. The current Chief Instructor Master Deric Terrell has been instructing at USSD Oceanside for 21 years.

Master Terrell and the USSD Instructors are committed to giving you the highest quality and value of martial arts instruction available in Oceanside.
United Studios Chief Instructors are Professionals and operate the dojo as a full time profession. This ensures that you will receive the most valuable instruction from our Oceanside team. All group and personal lessons are fun, safe and in an exciting environment.

Our Instructors

Master Terrell, Chief Instructor.

6th Degree Black Belt . 31 Years in the Martial Arts

Starting on the East coast of New England, I started studying the art of Shaolin Ch’uan Fa (Kempo Karate) as a child in 1985. Almost five years later, in December 1989, I was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt. It was then I knew that Martial Arts was more than just a hobby. It became a desire to experience Kempo to the fullest and to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques. I knew that I wanted to teach the Kempo System to others. About a year and a half later, I receive my 2nd Degree Black Belt.
From December 1990 – 1994, I served our country with the United States Marine Corps.

  • January 1995 I become a full-time Instructor with USSD, under Founder, Professor Charles Mattera 10th Degree.
  • September 1996 promotion to 3rd Degree Black Belt.
  • July 2001 promotion to 4th Degree Black Belt in in China at the Shaolin Temple.
  • October 2009 promoted to the honorable rank of “Master” 5th Degree Black Belt.
  • July 2013 promotion to 6th Degreee Black Belt at the Shaolin Temple

Sensei MIchelle, Assistant Chief Instructor.

8 Years in the Martial Arts. 1st Degree Black Belt