Children receive unlimited group classes and a 1/2 hr personal lesson each week. Personal lessons are with a partner(s) to ensure they are properly educated in the USSD martial arts program and character development.

Parents, do you feel like your child is just not ready for organized sports?

USSD helps children become successful with self control, following directions listening skills, coordination and focus.

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Our youth receive unlimited group classes and a 1/2 hr personal lesson each week. Personal lessons are one-on-one or with a partner(s) to ensure they are properly educated the USSD martial arts program with excellence in character and self-discipline. The personal lesson is very educational for parents as well, so we encourage you to view the lessons as often as you can.

As children get older and become teenagers they will need that extra support system of encouragement and self discipline.

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If you are 25, 45 or even 55 years of age the choice is difficult and bold to join a martial arts class. Not to worry, USSD has a program just for you. It is said that “white belt” is the hardest belt to achieve. Meaning, taking that difficult or awkward first step of joining USSD is the biggest step of all. To push yourself throughout your life, to continue to learn and try new things to reshape your mind and your body is admirable at any age. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

So whatever is holding you back take action for YOU.

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  • I started the Martial Arts at age 55 in February 2007. (Now age 58) I was very challenged by the classes at United Studios due to me being very overweight. I had to take several breaks during class just to catch my breath. I have also recovered from alcoholism and clinical depression. With the help of therapy and USSD, I have been rescued! Our Instructors challenges us both mentally and physically. Now I make it through an entire class with no breaks and I have lost an amazing 50 pounds! With the United Studios program I got my life back. Thank you, Master T and USSD Instructors.
  • We originally put our son into Karate to help him focus. We were very impressed with the instructors and the results we were seeing with our son’s focus and concentration. After about a year, my wife and I loved what it was doing for our son so we both decided to join and make it a family affair. Now that we are all involved we share a common goal, which draws us closer together as a family. We really like the people and their moral standards at United Studios. The instructors are great and we have created bonds and became very close friends with other families in the Dojo. We have been practicing for about 3 years now and have had excellent results. The focus here is not only Karate, but how you can become a better person overall while learning self defense. We are very impressed and pleased with this Dojo.
  • When we enrolled our 5 year old son, Ethan, at USSD we were immediately impressed with the caring and positive manner that Master T and Sensei Michelle interacted with our son. USSD teaches not only the physical skills of martial arts but core values of discipline, respect and responsibility. Ethan looks forward to the fun activities of the group classes and interacting with the other students and has responded very well to the physical challenges. He has matured beyond our expectations in such a short period of time and I feel that this is a direct result of the time he has spent at USSD. Ethan’s time at USSD has been such a postive experience that I have since joined the dojo as well. I really enjoy the high energy workouts and appreciate the focus and dedication that is required of the USSD training program. All of the instructors are excellent and I feel that this training can take me to a different level of physical fitness. Joining USSD has allowed my son and I to share many great experiences together. We look forward to motivate each other, to set and achieve new goals at United Studios of Self Defense.
  • I began training with United Studios of Self Defense Oceanside about 5 years ago after observing how professional they were. They cater to a wide variety of people, no matter what age you are or what your ability is. I have achieved many of my personal goals, and my ultimate goal is to be promoted to Black Belt. I really like the workouts at United Studios as well as the camaraderie with the people in my class. It is very comfortable and feels like we are a family. The instructors also are very considerate and do not put people down, which is what I have experienced at other studios. Master T helps you achieve whatever goals you have. I have watched how he and the instructors work with children, including children with special needs, and I really admire how they work through those challenges.

Our Kempo Karate system
involves four basic elements

  • Connector.


    Effective striking with your hands, elbows and several blocking and countering techniques.

  • Connector.


    Including feet, knees or shin.

  • Connector.


    Throwing, tripping/take downs and getting the opponent off balance.

  • Connector.

    Jiu Jitsu / Grappling

    Wrestling, holding, joint locks and pressure points.

3 Day Trial Packs
FIT Camps open to every fitness level

FIT Camp challenge
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*First Class is FREE
*Drop in rate of ONLY $5 per class
*Punch Cards Available

What our FIT Camp offers
*6 Week Fit Challenges
*3 Day trial Nutrition Pack
*Wellness Profiles
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*Post Workout nutrition
*Health Coach to ensure you
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