United Studios of Self Defense
Oceanside (760) 630-8116

4140 Oceanside Blvd. #143  Oceanside CA.  92056 / Albertson's Center
Our Kempo Karate system involves four basic elements:

1.  Hands:  Effective striking with your hands, elbows and several blocking and countering techniques

2.  Kicking:  Including feet, knees or shin

3.  Felling:  Throwing, tripping/take downs and getting the opponent off balance

4.  Jiu Jitsu / Grappling:  Wrestling, holding, joint locks and pressure points
Children's Martial Arts
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 Adult Martial Arts
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       Martial Arts Programs for kids, teens & adults

4 Week Trial Program
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To any Parent:
 USSD Oceanside is looking for 10 children to try our 4 week trial.
 What we're looking for:

 10 children of any age to benefit from the martial arts 
 Gain better focus
 Listening the first time
 Following directions
 Build Confidence 
 Better Self Control 

 What you will get:
 Professional Instruction
 unlimited group classes
 4 half hour personal lessons
 Full support
 4 weeks of dedicated personalized instruction

 To get more information on how to get your 4 week trial please fill the form fields to the right.    Thank you!